Dionne Jackson

Consultant, Project Manager, and author in Vallejo, California

Dionne Jackson

Consultant, Project Manager, and author in Vallejo, California

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Dionne Jackson


We believe in Radical Resets for Recovery and Resilience, striving to deliver superior service with character and integrity, transparency and authenticity, producing next level accountability to be and live from victory 100% of the time.

Mission Statement:

To encourage and reignite seasoned women by way of implementation. Deconstructing old systems, developing new processes and deploying fresh vision with confidence after life altering circumstances.


Helping People Re-Establish Their Purpose and Process After Major Setbacks, Discover, Develop And Deploy Fresh Vision With Precision.

Revolutionize Your Reality | Realign Your Routines and Radically Reset Your Resolve to Run Your Race Relentlessly!

We aren’t born with broken systems, they are developed based on childhood experiences, trauma, disappointment and a lack of skill to change the outcomes. This is where change can only begin with you!

We aren’t created to survive, we are designed naturally to thrive. Broken systems that no longer serve you are more often the core of why you may:

  1. Feel like you are living a treadmill life, walking fast getting nowhere.
  2. You can’t get ahead because of what’s in front of you.
  3. No matter how much you save, you never have enough.
  4. Your weight is out of control and your health is a struggle.
  5. There is always a crisis.
  6. You can’t trust anyone so you just go it alone.
  7. it seems as if you can’t figure out where the problem lies in every area of your life… chances are it’s your mindset. It’s a direct reflection of what you tell yourself on a consistent basis.

I’d love to assist with some transparent truths about my journey of transitioning from trauma to triumph and the art, skill and strategy of recovering well! It’s a PROCESS and to be honest it can be painful, but I have proof that with the proper tribe, the wherewith all and mindfulness to do the work of healing, making the decision that your destiny is greater than your history, not only can you recover, but you too can recover well.

Once you decide that your legacy is rooted in your recovery, your confidence begins to evolve, the pain of remaining the same becomes greater than the risk of doing nothing. Not only will your life change, but those who encounter the authentic healthy you, the lives of those you are called to will begin to recover as a direct reflection of the healed you. Join me for a RADICAL conversation about a mindset shift sure to transform your life from the inside OUT.

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A few months ago, our entire staff was affected by the infectious presence of Dionne S. Jackson. She came to us to manage a very complex project. During that time, that initially was scheduled to last 4 weeks or less, not only did she manage the project incredibly, but we decided to keep her for several other projects. All of which have been successful this has expanded the reach of our radio station in a massive way. Problem solver, Timely, Leader, multi-tasker, encourager, deadline impacter.
Demetrius Station Manager Tolefree FreedemRadio
Dionne possesses skills and expertise that are quite varied and extremely valuable. Dionne is a professional with a focus on results. Her work model is leadership with a focus on results. She exudes confidence and a willingness to learn all aspects of any given assignment. She is loyal to both the task and authority. Her integrity is unquestionable. She can absorb large amounts of data and provide interpretation of such to move the system and organization forward.
Linda Phillips Sales Operations Director AT&T
I have always been impressed by her outstanding diligence and her high level of technical expertise. Indeed, I have been more than satisfied with our working relationship. I was particularly impressed by the professionalism, technical innovation and the care and concern that Ms. Jackson demonstrated on our Inner-City Project. She consistently produces superior quality work, on time, and within budget targets.
Bessie Corgile Pastor, Empowerment Cathedral Church
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